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Blazing Witch, Nomad Witch (05) by T. R. Cameron EPUB
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Blazing Witch, Nomad Witch (05) by T. R. Cameron EPUB

Scarlett Prynne and her magical feline companion are marked for death.

The “Bald Baddies,” officially known as the Luminous Veil, have big plans to control the minds of the rich and powerful. Scarlett’s travels have made her a roadblock, which can’t be allowed.

The fight against Darrin Redthorn and his minions was nothing compared to what these thugs bring to the party. They’re magically powerful and utterly vicious.

And they have friends.

Runeclaw’s leap into the enemy’s portal has denied them one of their gathering spaces. But a group this powerful, this old, surely has some in reserve.

The prisoner who Scarlett and the Witches on Wheels rescued shows no signs of waking from her magically induced slumber. Even Snow, the Spell Riders’ biggest brain, can’t figure out why. And each day that passes increases the likelihood that the enemy will try to retrieve her.

Danger on every side. Fortunately, Scarlett and her allies are always ready for a fight. This time, they’ll need to be.

When it comes right down to it magical against magical and motorcycle against motorcycle. Provo will see a battle in the streets unlike anything it’s ever experienced. Will a magical cat tip the scales?

Don’t miss out on the rampaging action and adventure!