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Coven King 1 by Virgil Knightley EPUB
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Coven King 1 by Virgil Knightley EPUB

When witches kidnapped him to serve them as their Greater Familiar, he negotiated a much more interesting deal...

Logan Morrison always fought for everything he had, but it never was much. Growing up truly alone did that to you. One day, when taking on an extra tutoring gig to help out a cute chick with a quirky name, she ends up bringing him back to her place. Cool, right?

Well, the next morning, Logan wakes up in chains and comes to learn that Cherry Cola is one beautiful and unhinged monster girl member out of three in a small Fresco City witch coven. Their plans for him? Servitude.

But Logan lands a much better deal for himself, and next thing he knows, these cuties are serving him as much as he helps them. Thanks to his deepening bond with the witchy beauties, he even begins to develop strange powers, including but not limited to the ability shapeshift into giant monsters matching their rare magical affinities.

With these new powers, it isn't long before the coven and Logan start making their own play for power—and it isn't long before the coven ladies start falling for him, either. How will Logan manage the demanding and persistent needs of his occult cuties? Will they be able to keep the larger covens out of their business? Will the danger they get themselves into be worth the rewards they reap together? And will Logan's harem—er—coven grow?