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Coven King 2 by Virgil Knightley EPUB
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Coven King 2 by Virgil Knightley EPUB

In need of a Fertility Witch, Logan and his coven make some big moves. But finding her might set off a chain reaction...

Logan Morrison has taken to his new life well. Faster, stronger, smarter than ever before, he makes use of the unique suite of blessings that his bonds with the Inner Circle of his coven bestow upon him.

Things are going so well with the coven's newfound power and place in the city that Logan almost forgot the endgame—finding a witch that can manage the pregnancies of the many witches under his care. But he can't afford to forget his enemies.

The New Moon Coven and the Salem Coven have their sights set on Logan. After he humiliated them during the Greater Familiar Duel at Sinner's Field, they've been watching closely, waiting for a moment of weakness to get their revenge. Logan isn't sure what they'll try, but he knows they'll try something.

Can Logan find new artifacts of power and improve his abilities through training and bonding? Will he find the Fertility Witch Mother Dearest and convince her to join his coven so that his witches can have children someday? Will the other covens make their move, and if they do, will he be ready for it? And what new shifted forms and powers will Logan unlock with the addition of new members in the Inner Circle?