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In the Year 2050: America's Religious Civil War by Ira Tabankin EPUB
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In the Year 2050: America's Religious Civil War by Ira Tabankin EPUB

NOTE: This is a politically incorrect novel. It tells a dark story about America under a radical Muslim President. Be forewarned that this story isn’t for the weak stomached or those who believe in always being PC.

In the year 2050 Muslims make up 50% of the world's population, based on religion. Muslims took control of the European Union simply by having more children than the Europeans. They quickly bred sufficient numbers to ensure the Islamic candidates they ran for office who won their elections. A new world Caliphate covers Europe, Africa, most of the Middle East and Russia's Eastern Republics.

An entrepreneur, Osama bin Mohmand sold his startup company to Amazon, he took his millions into politics. He became the Mayor of Detroit where he won a bailout from the Federal Government, he parlayed his name awareness into winning the Senate race in Michigan. As a senator, he sponsored a bill which classified Muslims as a protected class. He ran for president as the Green Party candidate. Most people thought the Green Party stood for environmentalism, cleaner water, and air. He told the financial industry he was a moderate Muslim that loved America. The media fell in love with Mohmand, they did everything in their power to ensure he won. In November 2052, Mohmand won the election to become the next US President. Upon being sworn into office his true colors surfaced, he began turning America into a Muslin country that followed Sharia Law.

Former US President Jackson decides he's not going to allow President Mohmand to change America. He gathers support from the US Military and militias. President Mohmand outlaws all food products that come from swine, He issues executive orders that all food sold in America has to be Halal. He outlaws interest and starts to change the American holidays. He establishes religious police and brings in foreign troops to replace the US military and to control the citizens.

The people of America begin to wake up realizing they've been duped. They're outraged by President Mohmand's efforts to destroy America. Cities with large Muslim populations support President Mohmand, while Christians, Baptists, Mormons, and Jews don't. America erupts into a religious civil war with infidels versus the Muslims. In the year 2053 America's second civil war erupts over which God is the true God. President Mohmand declares the civil war a holy jihad, he asks Islamic fighters from around the world to fight for Allah in America. A civil war is fought for God and freedom, one that has the potential to spread around the world.