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In the Year 2050 Book 2 by Ira Tabankin EPUB
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In the Year 2050 Book 2 by Ira Tabankin EPUB

After a brief and bloody Presidency, President Mohmand was nailed to a cross on the live 3D broadcast so the entire world could watch America's revenge. President Jackson had led a revolt against the Islamic take over of America.

After killing Mohmand Jackson was pushed to become President and unite the country. The Caliphate's leader who made his home in Berlin planned Islam's revenge. Revenge which would ignite a war that simmered for over a thousand years. America still had a large number of Muslims who supported the transformation into an Islamic nation, they fought President Jackson. While the Caliphate planned a major invasion of America, the first attempted since the War of 1812. Hundreds of thousands of young Islamic men eagerly joined the new invasion force to kill the American Infidels.

President Jackson has to lead his wounded country in a war on American soil and around the world. Will hundreds of thousands of young angry Muslim men succeed in invading America? Will the country support a new third world war one without the normal battle lines? In the Year 2050 continues the story which began in book 1, it also includes appendixes which support the projections that Islam is the fastest growing religion and the countries with the largest number of Muslims which may come as a surprise.